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TRC Colors Page

(Colors on screens vary and may not necessarily represent the true color of the selected tile.)

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Batchelder colors are subtle stone-like tones. Unlike glazed tiles our colors are derived from minerals mined from the earth, which are applied and fired into the surface at high temperatures to become a durable and integral part of the clay body.

For the carved relief tiles we offer nine inflow (background/recessed area of the tile) colors. On the raised surfaces of the carved relief tile we use Earth Brown, F-1 (a soft, brown, matte finish) unless otherwise indicated.

Multicolor Stains are available for a 50% upcharge
Custom colors are available-please call for pricing

SAMPLE KITS include sample pieces of all available standard colors
  • $36.00
  • Prepaid / Includes Shipping and Handling
  • Allow 2 - 6 Weeks for Delivery

The following inflow colors are available for carved relief tiles:

I-1 Meadow Green

I-2 New Eucalyptus

I-3 Blue Mist

I-4 Forest Green

I-5 Pewter

I-6 Sandstone

I-7 Jade

I-8 Deep Teal

I-9 Kalamata

I-11 Deep Blue

I-12 Maize

The following colors are available for our flat field tile:

F-1 Earth Brown

F-2 Cinnamon

F-3 Walnut

F-4 Chestnut

F-5 Chamois

F-7 Moss

F-8 Sea Mist

F-9 Aqua

F-10 New Tortoise

F-11 Cornflower Blue

F-12 Butternut Yellow

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